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We've launched our own startups and helped other founders build theirs. We offer lessons learned and the technical expertise to quickly get you from concept to MVP and beyond.

Welcome, 欢迎, Bienvenido, Bienvenue, أهلاً و سهلاً


We have a passion for beautiful, intuitive, responsive and mobile friendly website development using modern but mature technologies.


As a Xamarin Authorized Partner we are able to use a shared code base to build high quality native apps for Android, iOS and Windows so you get to market faster.


Experienced product managers with a passion for user experience, product market fit and practical strategies to reach and engage your users.

Emerging Tech

Virtual reality, bots, machine learning, speech - if you're starting to think about what's next we can help. We've already started on that.

Spiffy doesn't just mean building smart, stylish, scalable solutions. It's also a little old school - quality, craftsmanship and pride in everything we do.

Product Management

There are a lot of moving parts in launching a new product or service. Fortunately, we have done it all before. Take advantage of our lessons learned and our best practices.

  • Competitive research and product/market fit
  • User experience design
  • Technical project management

Product Development

With decades of technology experience we know how to architect and build fast, scalable and reliable solutions.

  • Effective, responsive and mobile-friendly websites.
  • High quality native apps on all three platforms - Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
  • Existing integrations with valuable third party services like Stripe, Hubspot, Intercom, Mandrill, Twilio, Wistia and more.


We're based in Arizona but we think, act and partner globally. Whether you want to know what your competition looks like in China, you need help releasing there or need to successfully work with an in-market team, we can help.

  • Market research
  • UI localization and globalization
  • Distributed development best practices


Combined Years of experience


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Our Work and Inspiration

We work at the intersection of language, culture, and technology.

Streets of Hong Kong

Beijing Olympic Village

Shanghai Art District

Hangzhou Green Tea

Population Health Management

Online Food Order

E-commerce platforms

Virtual Reality

Beijing Olympic Tower

Mobile language learning


What people are saying about us

"I can tell your developers are firing on all cylinders and your project manager is very on top of things. You have a great team."
Kyle Anderson, PHR Plus

Perfect app with a ton of features to help you stay on top of your existing knowledge and improve your Chinese vocabulary and comprehension.
App store user review of HANYU.CO of Duolingo's many lingual blindspots are Asian languages, specifically the most widely spoken tongue on the planet — Mandarin. plugs that unfortunate gap with its well-designed and intuitive app for learning Mandarin.
Gizmodo review of HANYU.CO

Just Wow. I'm honestly blown away.
App store review of Effectual

Do you need more information about how Spiffy Ventures will partner with you? We'd love to talk more about your web and mobile needs and the outcomes you want to achieve. After we learn more about you, we'll work with you to develop an end-to-end strategy best-fit for your business goals.

Just a few of us

Michael O'Connor / CEO

Michael has been in the technology industry for over twenty years. He has consulted for companies like Ford Motor, Kmart Corporation and the United Auto Workers. He has built professional grade software and services as part of Microsoft and has worked with and managed teams in eight different countries.

Languages: English, Chinese, Dabbling in Hawaiian

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Tanny Men / Product Manager

Tanny's feet are on the ground in Arizona, but her eyes and ears on the world, and especially on China. She is a China hand by origin and previously worked in Beijing consulting with Chinese companies and their teams in their global endeavors.

She works to nurture the development of client projects in the best way possible so their product and service features can be utterly delightful, relevant, and impactful for real users' needs.

Languages: English, Chinese, French

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One of Jimmy's biggest challenges is dividing his time to fit in his life’s passions: creating things with code, weight lifting, socializing with lots of people, playing the violin, and running.

When he's not busy with these passions, he's helping others, putting a smile on their faces, and eating his weight in Snow Crab.

Languages: English, Chinese, Sign Language

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Born and raised in China, Linxiao first came to Arizona as a journalism student; she embraces the complex, enjoys the difficult and revels in trying new things. In Arizona, she found her passion in developing applications that are enjoyable to use.

Linxiao’s energy is abounded in multiple facets of life, from learning new languages to practicing classical guitar. When she isn’t banging away on a project she can be found working to understand the world more deeply through reading and thinking.

Languages: English, Chinese

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